2012/10/11: TA-DA version 0.99 released
- Fixed a bug causing TA-DA to crash during synthetic photometry for some configurations of parameters

2012/07/19: TA-DA version 0.98 released

- Small bug fix when running the fitter multiple times (thanks to Giacomo Beccari for spotting it)

2012/07/11: TA-DA version 0.97 released

- Right-clicking on the plot window now shows the model parameters in that point.
- Synthetic photometry faster in some cases.

2012/07/05: TA-DA version 0.96 released

- Improvements in the fitter engine
- Improvements in the interpolation of evolutionary models.
- Fixed a bug causing TA-DA to crash if the plot window was re-drawn too many times.

2012/06/28: TA-DA version 0.911 released

- Small bug fixed

2012/06/27: TA-DA version 0.91 released

- Added functionality to include custom label on plots
- Added Marigo-Girardi and Pisa isochrones; added Kurucz atmospheres.

Supplemental grids