Curriculum VitaeDepartment of Astronomy
Prof. Dr. Kallrath

University degrees:

  • Diploma in Physics from the Bonn University (Germany) in 1987
  • PhD in astrophysics from Bonn University (Germany) in 1989

Academic appointments:

  • Courtesy Associate professorship at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL since 1997

Professional experience:

  • binary stars: colliding winds
  • binary stars: eclipsing binary stars
  • solving industrial problems with a broad spectrum of scientific computing methods that range from physical modeling to decision process support, as well as production planning and scheduling by mathematical optimization.
  • expert in modeling and optimization, teacher, writer, and consultant for real world optimization problems
  • in addition to years of industry and consulting experience, teaching graduate courses at Heidelberg University on mathematical modeling and solving real world problems.
  • in-depth knowledge related to modeling and optimization systems in a wide range of industries, including energy, metals, paper, process, refineries, and telecommunication
  • leading the Applied Optimization Working Group of the German Operations Research Society

Current research interests:

  • large-scale optimization problem, decomposition methods, column generation techniques, and hybrid methods
  • parameter estimation in massive data sets from astronomical surveys
  • combining computational geometry and mathematical optimization
  • cutting, packing, and minimal convex hulls in 2D and 3D

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