Astronomy and Astrophysics I

AST 3018,  Section 5858


Welcome to AST 3018. In  this class we will investigate the motions of celestial bodies and how these  motions lead to an understanding of orbits. We will also  learn about the tools  astronomers use to explore the universe such as light (radiation), telescopes and astronomical  detectors,. We will discuss how these tools are used to deterimine the properites , formation and evolution of the Sun and other stars.  Along the way, we will also get some  hanks on experience observing astronomical objects and analyzing real data , becoming  true observers of the cosmos.


Instructor: Elizabeth Lada


Office 220 Bryant

Phone: 352-394-1862

Office Hours:

Tuesday 1-2 pm

or by appointment


Location: FLG 220


Tuesday 4th Per (10:40-11:30)

Thursday 4&5 Per.(10:40-12:35)

CTO: assigned Mondays 8:30-10pm

TA: Emily Moravec


Office Hours: Fri 10:30 - 11:30am

TA: Amy Gottlieb


Office Hours: Mon. 2-3pm

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