University of Florida

Group Members and Affiliated Personnel

The following is a listing of people with whom I work on various research projects at the University of Florida, as well as regular attendees at our weekly group meeting.

Graduate Students

Amy Gottlieb -- Thesis topic: IR Spectroscopy of X-ray binaries in the Galactic Center; PhD expected 2021

Gustavo Perez-Sanchez -- Thesis topic: Relativistic jet formation in black hole binaries; PhD expected 2021

Sarik Jeram -- Thesis topic: Luminous high-redshift quasars and redshift drift; PhD expected 2022

Jenny Markees -- Thesis topic: Stellar activity and extreme-precision radial velocities; PhD expected 2023

Nick Barth -- Project topic: Bifrost + High-resolution infrared spectroscopy of X-ray binaries; PhD expected ???

Marika Edwards -- Project topic: Evryscope study of X-ray binary variability; PhD expected ???

Christina Moraitis -- Project topic: RHO-Spec + stellar activity impacts on TESS photometry; PhD expected ???

           Undergraduate Students
            Aatiya Ali -- Research topic:   TESS/Evryscope Photometry and Binary Searches
            Oketa Basha -- Research topic:   Precision Cryogenic Probe Arms
            Kevin Castano -- Research topic:   MIRADAS Mechanical Design and Assembly
            Caridad Coll -- Research topic:   Instrumentation; Exoplanet Atmospheric Transmission Spectroscopy 
            Alyssa Guzman (REU; Smith College) -- Research topic:   Finding Normal Stars Near SGR 1806-20

Dr. Paul Sell -- Lecturer; X-ray binary expert
            Dr. Bo Zhao -- AISC Optical Guru

           Engineers & Technical Staff
            Greg Bennett -- Mechanical Engineer
            Sid Schofield - AISC Instrumentation Program Coordinator
            Frank Varosi - AISC Software Engineer
            Craig Warner -- AISC Software Engineer