University of Florida

Group Alumni

The following is a listing of previous group members (both UF and Cornell).

Dr. John Wilson -- former postdoctoral fellow (Cornell 2000-2002); staff scientist at University of Virginia (2003-)
Dr. Jose Marino -- former postdoctoral fellow (UF 2009-2010); staff scientist at NSO (2012-)
Dr. Antonio Marin-Franch -- former GTC postdoctoral fellow (2003-2006); Juan de la Cierva prize fellow at IAC (2006-2010); staff astronomer and Head of Instrumentation at CEFCA (Teruel, Spain) (2010-)

Graduate Students
Dr. Dae-Sik Moon -- PhD 2003 (Cornell); Millikan Postdoctoral Prize Fellow at Caltech (2003-2006); Professor at U. Toronto
Dr. Joseph Carson -- PhD 2004 (Cornell); postdoc at JPL (2004-2007); postdoc at MPIA-Heidelberg (2007-2010); Professor at College of Charleston
Dr. Jami Meteer -- PhD in Electrical Engineering 2004 (Cornell) jointly supervised w/E. Kan; engineer at Intel Corp
Dr. David Rothstein -- PhD 2006 (Cornell), jointly supervised with R. Lovelace; NSF postdoctoral fellow at Cornell (2006-2009); educational software developer
Dr. David Clark -- PhD 2007 (Florida); UNAM postdoctoral prize fellow at IA-UNAM Ensenada (2007-2009); Resident Astronomer at IA-UNAM (2009-2015); Data Scientist in Silicon Valley
Dr. Valerie Mikles -- PhD 2008 (Florida); postdoctoral fellow at LSU (2009-2011); Scientific and technical writer
Dr. Michelle Edwards -- PhD 2008 (Florida) co-supervised with Reba Bandyopadhyay; Gemini Science Fellow (2008-2012); LBT Staff Astronomer
Dr. Miguel Charcos -- PhD 2009 (Florida); NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) (2010-2015);  UK National Oceanographic Center
Dr. Mark Keremedjiev -- PhD 2011 (Florida); ORISE Fellow (2011-2012);  Federal Government
Dr. Curtis Dewitt -- PhD 2011 (Florida); UC/NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Postdoc for EXES (2011-2017); Staff Scientist for SOFIA
Dr. Nestor Lasso -- PhD 2012 (Florida); U. Concepcion (Chile) Postdoc (2012-2013); CEFCA (Spain) Postdoc (2013-2018); Data Scientist
Dr. R. Deno Stelter -- PhD 2017 (Florida); UC Santa Cruz Ctr for Adaptive Optics Postdoc (2017-)
Dr. Kendall Ackley
-- PhD 2017 (Florida - Physics); Monash University OzGrav Postdoc (2017-)
Dr. Alan Garner
-- PhD 2018 (Florida); MIT Postdoc (2018-)
Dr. Yigit Dallilar
-- PhD 2019 (Florida); MPIE Postdoc (2019-)
Dr. Amanda Townsend -- PhD 2019 (Florida); UC/NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) Postdoc for EXES (2020-)

(partial listing -- contact me if your name should appear here!)

Dana Alexander
Denisse Almeida - mechanical engineer in the aerospace industry
P. Brian Cameron -- Caltech PhD in astronomy; Technical director at the Aerospace Corporation
Brian Chinn -- Mechanical Engineer at Gemini Observatory (Chile)
Carina Diaz
David Dror
Ben Fierce
Will Fischer -- UMass-Amherst PhD in Astronomy; postdoc at U. Toledo
Jonathan Foster -- Harvard PhD in Astronomy; postdoc at Yale University
Megan Garske -- laser engineer at Lockheed Martin
Eliot Grafer -- M.S. in optical sciences at CREOL/UCF; engineer at Lockheed-Martin
Jared Holley
Dounan Hu
Malia Jackson -- poet/blogger in San Francisco
Ryan Karins
David Kull
Alfred Lee
Jackie Linevsky
Laura Lopez -- UCSC PhD in astrophysics; Pappalardo postdoc at MIT; professor at Ohio State
Vincent Luh
Everett Maness
Garrett Mason
Connor McClellan - PhD student in astrophysics at U. Virginia
Catlin Nchako -- MPP from Georgetown; Research Associate at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Shannon Patel -- UCSC PhD in astrophysics; staff scientist at Carnegie Observatories
David Rosenbaum
Rishon Saftler
Dmitry Savransky -- Princeton PhD; postdoc at Lawrence Livermore; professor at Cornell
Kevin Schawinsky -- Oxford PhD in astrophysics; postdoc at Yale; professor at ETH Zurich
Sam Sewall
Jeremiah Shipman
Brienne Shkedi -- engineer at NASA
Alma Spahic -- PhD student in medical physics

Prof. Amparo Marco-Tobarra -- Sabbatical Visitor (2015-2016) from U. Alicante & MIRADAS Science Working Group member
Prof. Paco Garzon -- Sabbatical Visitor (2016-2017) from Instituto de Astrofisica de Canarias & MIRADAS Science Working Group member

Prof. Claudia Mendes de Oliveira -- Sabbatical Visitor (2017-2018) from Universidade de Sao Paulo & MIRADAS Science Working Group member
Prof. Jose Maria (Chema) Gomez - Sabbatical Visitor (2018) from U. Barcelona & MIRADAS Instrument Team Member